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Safety Behavioural BBS

Unique study program is available in Polish language and English.

Behavioral Based Safety /BBS/

Combination of International and Polish experience in the development of safe behavior in the organization is offered as training course with one day duration and implementation course with two days.


Behavioral Based Safety /BBS/

Behavioral Based Safety system (BBS) is the most popular and most reliable way of improving occupational Safety. It is used worldwide by industry leaders. The success of the system is based on proper combination of practical experience and the results of scientific research. Based on the best experience from International and Polish companies gained in cooperation with NEW HSE allows us to provide the highest management standard of Safety Culture.

The goal of training

During the training the participants will get clear understanding of Behavioral Based Safety, the fundamental theoretical parts combined with practical aspects of implementation:

  • Main elements of successful BBS system.
  • Difficulties and errors during implementation.
  • Principles of effective communication.
  • Resistance to changes.
  • Ways of management involvement.
  • The differences in the functioning of systems in Western Europe and Poland.
We share our successful experience of implementation of Behavioral Based Safety system within plenty of companies!

Training program

The program provides information on the implementation of the Behavioral Based Safety System in the occupational environments. It is based on the understanding of specific features of the Polish labor market, mental differences, and approach to work and motivation of Polish workers, as well as ways of influence in order to promote the required changes:

  • The newest and the most professional system of shaping Safe Behavior.
  • Motivate the employees for changes.
  • Eliminate dangerous behavior patterns leading to accidents and injuries.
  • Based and practice and experience supported by scientific approach to the problem.
  • Commonly used worldwide.
  • It presents various interesting facts about the BBS system.
  • Offer international experience.

First day of Training

Behavior management


  • Case studies and scientific research
  • Three aspects of BBS

What does it mean BBS?

  • Theory and practice of BBS
  • Implementation of BBS
  • What does it mean “BBS intervention”?

The main elements of successful BBS system (ABC model)

     • Intervention techniques

     • Examples of behavior intervention – construction of a combined intervention, stimulus and consequences

Progress, feedback and consequences, the impact of leadership

     • Feedback information

     • Resistance to changes – understanding the reasons and strategy of overcoming

     • Involvement of employees, guidance and steps

Effective communication – what, how and when to ask. How to improve communication. How to get the effective feedback?

     • Conversation

     • Complaints, criticism and questions

     • Effective communication and style

Case study

     • Case study based on real practical experience.


Second day of training

HSE based training – BBS elements

Preparation and planning workshops for employees and auditors.

  • Training the staff to implement the project BBS – information, training, consulting.
  • Methodology and organization of good training
  • Openness and receiving feedback
  • Selection and preparation of auditors / observers
  • The rules for reporting and analysis of the reports
  • Technological and organizational conditions of good practice / training

The use of coaching methods in implementing and carrying out audits and implementation of behavioral interventions.

  • Introduction to coaching - basic information and scientific basis for coaching.

Talking, listening and the ability to ask questions.

  • Understanding of the effective methods of working with people (observation - interview - setting goals - a positive feedback)
  • Examples of the communication system BBS

Practical exercises in groups and individually.

Methods for conducting the meetings

Workshop, interactive form of classes.

Lecture, discussion, practical exercises, discussion of case studies based on real problems and events with the use of practical examples. Skillfully combined the classic formula of the lecture with elements of the workshop on particular issues of the subject. Participants are involved to ask questions, discussion and exchange of opinions.

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