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“I want to talk to you about worker safety,” he said. “Every year, numerous Alcoa workers are injured so badly that they miss a day of work. Our safety record is better than the general American workforce, especially considering that our employees work with metals that are 1500 degrees and machines that can rip a man’s arm off. But it’s not good enough. I intend to make Alcoa the safest company in America. I intend to go for zero injuries.”

The audience was confused. These meetings usually followed a predictable script: A new CEO would start with an introduction, make a faux self-deprecating joke—something about how he slept his way through Harvard Business School—then promise to boost profits and lower costs.

O’Neill hadn’t said anything about profits. He didn’t mention taxes. There was no talk of “using alignment to achieve a win-win synergistic market advantage.” For all anyone in the audience knew, given his talk of worker safety, O’Neill might be pro-regulation. Or, worse, a Democrat. It was a terrifying prospect.

“Now, before I go any further,” O’Neill said, “I want to point out the safety exits in this room.” He gestured to the rear of the ballroom. “There’s a couple of doors in the back, and in the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency, you should calmly walk out, go down the stairs to the lobby, and leave the building.”

Within A Year Of O’Neill’s Speech, Alcoa’s Profits Would Hit A Record High. By The Time O’Neill Retired In 2000, The Company’s Annual Net Income Was Five Times Larger Than Before He Arrived, And Its Market Capitalization Had Risen By $27 Billion. Someone Who Invested A Million Dollars In Alcoa On The Day O’neill Was Hired Would Have Earned Another Million Dollars In Dividends While He Headed The Company, And The Value Of Their Stock Would Be Five Times Bigger When He Left.

Charles Duhigg “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” from Amazon.


The program plan is flexible and can be edited, enlarged or minimized depending on the needs, requirements and objectives to be agreed in detail with the customer, associated with risk and the nature of the business.

The goal of training

To provide clear understanding by management the important part of leadership, example, commitment and responsibility for the safety of all employees in the company. During the training, we will give practical ways and will suggest how to build, strengthen and maintain a safety culture in the workplace.

Basic topics covered within the training

1. Basic knowledge in the field of Management of Health and Safety at Work.
2. The main elements of the management system of safety and health.
3. Standards Management Systems OH&S, methodology and resources.
4. The responsibility of management and leadership.
5. Leadership and management commitment (Lead by Example).
6. Risk management.
7. Raising awareness of employees and continuous improvement.
8. What could be changed from tomorrow (practical tips for management).
9. The tasks and responsibilities of the employer and the employee.
10. Performance measurement and audit.
11. Safety culture and behavioral foundations of the system (BBS).
12. Questions & Answers.
13. Group and individual practical exercises.

NEW HSE during the training will provide reliable knowledge, supported by education and many years of practical experience. Our experts, who are the undisputed experts in their professional fields, have significant expertise in training, consultative meetings and counseling.

Plan presents basic subjects, if you wish to know more detailed plan please send an e-mail or call us.


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