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The NEW HSE project "Akademia Misji Zero" at PKP Energetyka S.A.

On 16/04/2019 an internal PKP Energetyka SA Capital Group conference was held during which the core elements of the project prepared by the NEW HSE were presented.

PKP Energetyka SA capital group set the goal of building an organization based on values such as: QUALITY, SAFETY, ENGAGEMENT, EFFICIENCY .

Mission Zero Academy is a project prepared by NEW HSE, which is one of the elements supporting the implementation of the above-mentioned values.
It’s a response to the group's need for employees' education in the field of safety, as well as support and supplementation of all initiatives introduced in the organization aimed at building a professional safety culture among all employees.

During the conference, Jennet Arshimova, NEW HSE Managing Director, presented the foundations of the Mission Zero Academy project Inviting conference participants to take an active part in the project She highlighted that part of a person's life is work and how important it is to involve the employer so that the time spent at work is effective, but also safe.

PKP Energetyka S.A. Mission Zero Academy enables each employee to actively participate in this project as a trainer, i.e. a person who has the courage and dream to improve his working environment, for the benefit of all employees in terms of Health, Safety and finally other aspects such production, effectiveness etc.

Coach is a person who leads change, starting from himself and a person which has a real impact on changing others and work environment.

By Inviting employees to take part in Mission Zero Academy, Jennet Arshimova highlighted that "life consists of small steps - victory or defeat. It is worth doing this step today. " Finally, she answered the question posed at the beginning - what connects success and happiness? Success and happiness are combined with passion.
Core elements of NEW HSE, Mission Zero Academy, consists of five training groups concerning:
- risk management,
- systems;
- machinery safety;
- people;
- specialized / experts training.

NEW HSE wishes PKP Energetyka S.A. passion and involvement during the implementation of Mission Zero Academy project.


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