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NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) introduced the Bronze, Silver and GOLD Learning Partner Programme. The programme aims to ensure the quality of training and services provided to learners meet global best tuition practice by meeting six basic principles.


Together with the whole team, we would like to announce that NEW HSE has obtained GOLD STATUS (the highest level) in the NEBOSH partner program, confirming that NEW HSE greatly EXCEEDs the criteria set by NEBOSH.

From other side, we will would like to thank you for your trust & support. NEW HSE will continue providing the best care, support and tuition taking into account the opinions and feedback of learners, updating and striving for continuous improvement.


Learning Partner Programme Statuses:





Bronze Status




Learning Partner must meet the requirements of the principles




Silver Status




Learning Partner must exceed the requirements of the principles




Gold Status (NEW HSE)



Learning Partner must greatly exceed the requirements of the principles


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NEW HSE has achieved GOLD STATUS by meeting and exceeding all six requirements of the principles, and by:


• Introducing changes and taking into account the opinions and feedback of learners,

• Creating an internal forum for participants, where they can ask questions, download helpful documents,

• Conducting daily reviews from previous days lessons,

• Introduction of individual lessons,

• Contact with participants 24/7 during the training,

• The friendly atmosphere during training,

• A great number of additional materials.


If you would like to learn more about NEBOSH Training, please contact us.


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